Living Legend Tracker

Living Legend Tracker

An up to date leaderboard showing the living legend points obtained by the heroes of Flesh and Blood.

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Road to Nationals 2021 Results

Road to Nationals 2021 Results

A visualization of the results of the 2021 Road to Nationals events that have occurred thus far.

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Pro Tour New Jersey Deck Conversions

Pro Tour New Jersey Deck Conversions

An interactive Day 2 conversion rate graph shows how heroes are doing at Pro Tour New Jersey.

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Living Legend Update: May 22nd [VIDEO]

The first video is now live over at the Fabdachi YouTube channel! It’s an update on the current status of living legend. I’ll be posting short updates like this one and then hopefully longer videos as time progresses! Subscribe to the channel if you don’t want to miss any future videos!

April 25th Flesh and Blood Market Update

Hey, I wanted to try writing little articles like this on major movers in the Flesh and Blood market. Even as someone not looking to play the markets in Magic, I love the newsletter segment every week. Saffron Olive writes short and fun updates about what is happening in the magic markets and why. I am working on a price history tool, but I won’t have the same amount of information as he does with magic. There is a difference between the economy for magic and Flesh and Blood. Magic has a larger number of cards, and different formats can impact a card’s price. It’ll be a while before there are so many cards and formats that people will be discovering things that result in 300% spikes. That said, changes do happen, and I think it’s fun to record that.

Major changes this week occurred primarily off the back of new spoilers. Legend Story Studios spoiled Iyslander, which triggered a major price bump for Storm Striders. The Striders have only ever been printed in Arcane Rising, and the rainbow foil versions moved from around 90 dollars to around 150 dollars. This is a nearly 66% increase for a card that was already quite expensive. Sales peaked at around the 160 dollar mark, but I can’t help and expect the price to fall in the near future. History Pack 1 will be hitting shelves in a couple weeks. Whatever you think about White Border, if LLS reprints a legendary in white border, I expect the price to tank.

The same is true of Mask of Momentum. A spoiler image containing a ninja has led to a price increase. Sellers listed the card on tcgplayer for 80-90 dollars, although buyers pushed it up to the 125 dollar price range as of the writing of this article. This card is another one I expect to be in white border soon. If you have an extra Mask lying around it may make sense to sell it. These cards are fairly illiquid though, so finding someone to trade or sell to could be a challenge. On the other hand, if you want a Mask, aren’t appalled by the idea of white border, and don’t need one ASAP, it could be reasonable to wait for once the hype has died down and the reprints have come in.

Finally, a quick shout-out to Channel Lake Frigid. With the news of the new Ice hero, the card jumped from 10 dollars to 16 dollars. While the card isn’t incredible expensive like the legendaries, a 60% jump is nothing to scoff at. It’ll be interesting to see if this price point holds.

We’ll see what happens as Starvo leaves the meta in the next couple sets. With the chance of such massive swings in meta, it’s possible the flesh and blood market could change rapidly. I’ll try to keep these updates coming as things change!

Starvo Wins Indianapolis Calling: One Step Closer to Living Legend

Hi, this is Sam back with another Living Legend update. With Michael Hamilton piloting Bravo, Star of the Show to a win at the Indianapolis Grand Prix, we once again have a major change to the top of the Living Legend leaderboard. While merely a week ago, “Starvo” was sitting at a roughly 650 points margin, this win along with a couple of other events has raised that total to 814. This is a fairly major change for Starvo, and pending any sort of bannings, another wave to competitive events, such as Road to Nationals or Pro Quest Qualifiers will almost certainly result in the banning of the hero from competitive play.

With the first Pro Tour, as well as a Calling event soon on the horizon it’s not infeasible that the hero will be removed from the pool as early as the next set. Because of the natural small sample size of large events, it seems very possible some sort of anti-Starvo tech (Prism, perhaps) keeps him from taking down the major event. But with future larger series with more players from around the world, there is a strong sense that the days of the elemental circus performer are numbered. As the Flesh and Blood website states, the rotation of a hero occurs only after the release of the next major set. With Everfest coming out fairly recently, making it all the more shocking for Bravo, Star of the Show’s ascent to the top, it means that there still is time before the next set.

For up to date living legend information, check out this page.

Classic Constructed Living Legend Review – March 2022

With the Pro Quest season having come and gone, now seems like a great time to take a step back and look at Living Legend results! Pro Quests offers 6 points towards living legend, in line with the amount given at Road to Nationals events. Below is an image of all heroes with points on the 16th of March 2022. For a live look at the standings, a consistently updated leaderboard is available here.

Throughout the Pro Quest season, several heroes stood out and were able to rack up some major Living Legend points. Bravo, Showstopper, the new Classic Constructed hero from Everquest, was the leader of the pack, skyrocketing to the top of the points list. With 552 points, a mere couple months from its release “Starvo” already finds himself over 50% of the way from being permanently retired from competitive play. Also with a successful season was Prism. In the post Briar meta, Prism found herself near the top of players tier lists, and with that has climbed to 470 points. The third largest shift in the standings is Viserai, who has surged in competitiveness and sits at around 208 points. While it doesn’t look like he’ll be becoming a Living Legend soon, he’s show he has to tools to generate points, and so it may only be a matter of time.

I’ll be writing some more content like this as the meta-game develops and more points are earned. It’s exciting to see a system that so directly reflects the results of players around the world. It’ll be sad when we start to see heroes go, but I can’t wait to see where the next competitive scene takes us!

Calling Vegas Hero Meta

After a wild weekend of brawling, we’ve come to the conclusion of the first US Flesh and Blood Calling competition! After two days of play, Tyler Horspool with Prism took home the honors, and the 100 Living Legend points. But that most certainly doesn’t tell the whole story. Mainly, it was Chane dominating the weekend, with a conversion rate of 18% into day 2 and comprising 5 spots in the final top 8. From 22% on day one, change exploded to 45% on day two, and 62.5% in the top 8.

For other heroes, there were mixed results. Dash had middling results all weekend but had serval well-positioned players including Alberto Miracle taking a spot in the top 8. Katsu started somewhat popular, before having middling success qualifying for day 2. Below is an interactive graph showing conversion rates throughout the weekend (from left to right). Hover over a box to see how the hero did on each day!

Road to Nationals Season Ends!

We finally have reached the end of the Flesh and Blood Road to Nationals 2021 season! All across the globe, thousands of players battled to book a ticket to their National tournaments. I’ll be writing some more in-depth breakdowns in the future, however, I wanted to put out a couple of top-line things.

First, we have fully updated the Road to Nationals Results Tracker! Curious what heroes comprised the season’s meta? Or want to know how well your favorite hero did at getting into top 8s and winning tournaments? The tracker has got you.

A dominant Chane deck defined the season, winning 63 total events across all six weeks. Katsu secured a distant second with 26 events. Bravo and Boltyn rounded out the top 4 with 17 and 19 wins respectively. As we turn to the Vegas Calling, we will expect the meta to be similar. However, the imminent release of Tales of Aria will likely change the meta entirely. We’ll have to wait and see where we end up!

Second, since Road to Nationals wins add 6 points to the Living Legend total of the winning hero, we have an updated Living Legend leaderboard here at Fabdachi. Legend Story Studios doesn’t update the main leaderboard in realtime. If you want to see where the current heroes sit as of September 10th, you can find that here.

Chane is now at an unofficial total of 378 points, meaning he is nearly 40% of the way to being banned from play in Classic Constructed. The next closest is Katsu, who with 100 points from before the season now has 256 points. As we approach larger tournaments, the question will be which hero ends up picking up major wins leading to our first ban.

Deck Image Generator Now Available


Hello everyone! This is Sam, I’m posting to say that I’ve now finished and initial version of a visual decklist. In order to access the tool, just go to

The intention of this tool is to turn lists from into visual shareable png of the cards in your deck. FaBDB is a wonderful tool, but for new players and old players alike, parsing through the list of cards can be somewhat challenging on occasion. Being able to send the entire deck in an image format hopefully will be nicer in certain situations.

In addition, I hope content creators can find value in the change in format to the already existing decklists. Using these pngs as parts of a video or blog might be a cleaner way of displaying decklists into the future.

What does it do?

A classic FaBDB decklists looks like this:

FaBDB Screenshot

This is great, and this project is nothing against FaBDB and the manner in which they show decks. This project is meant to take this list, and turn it into something intended to be purely aesthetic. However, inputting the URL for the deck on my tool will give the following png:

Flesh and Blood Visual Decklist

I hope people find this Flesh and Blood tool to be helpful in their projects and life. If people have interesting ideas on what to add to this visual, feel free to let me know. Future versions will likely be produced, and I will be incorporating new and interesting ideas that people request.

One major thing that I’m working on is increasing the resolution of the downloadable pngs. I don’t know how possible it will be, but it seems like something that will be fixable. Thanks for your patience as I continue working on this and other projects. I’m exciting to be creating things that people want to use.

Welcome to Fabdachi!


Hi, I’m Sam. I’m the creator of Fabdachi, a website dedicated to helping improve your understanding and abilities at Flesh and Blood. The primary way this site plans to help is through statistics and visuals. By getting a better understanding of both your decks and the meta, I hope you find value in the site.

What is Flesh and Blood?

Flesh and Blood is a new(ish) trading card game created by Legend Story Studios in New Zealand. It has grown in popularity around the world and has started to develop into a large tournament scene. For more information, the site serves as a homepage for the game. There you can find all sorts of important information, as well as tips on how to get started.

What happened to Grebnesor Analytics?

I created Grebnesor Analytics primarily as a place to have my portfolio of work. Because I was starting to get traffic to the site, I realized I wanted to build out the Flesh and Blood specific part of the project into its own thing. If you want to follow all the work I’m up to, is still a great place to do that. But if you’re only here for the FaB related posts, this should work much better.

What’s with the name?

I really like the ninja class, and Fabdachi was a play on the kodachis that make the ninjas such a formidable foe. The URL was also available, so that was a huge plus.

I’m out of questions, what else?

I hope you have a great time looking around the site. If there are tools or visualizations you really want to see, don’t hesitate to reach out. I love having ideas to work on, and want to make things the people in the community care about.